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AI will make our life easier


Whether you’re a small business owner, are responsible for managing staff, or just have a long list of chores that need done – Artificial Intelligence can do it all for you.

AI has been around since the 50s and there’s no signs of it slowing down. In fact, the smart technology is only getting smarter. Accenture predicts that AI could save businesses up to $9 trillion by 2035 with more than half of that coming from increased productivity alone.”

AI, or artificial intelligence has been around for years but in recent times scientists and tech companies have made huge breakthroughs in how powerful AI can be.

AI is basically software that learns, problem solves and performs tasks in a way that mimics human behaviour. AI-powered software has been used for decades in many different industries to perform tasks like speech and image recognition and even driving cars!

Now, AI researchers and tech giants are building more complex systems that can learn on their own. Self learning AI systems have the potential to do much more than just perform simple repetitive tasks.

Sounds scary right? But don’t worry, there isn’t anything to be worried about as long as we keep an open mind and take the time to understand how this technology will be able benefit us.